Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome to e-merg :: podcast

~a global conversation about the future church that is emerging now.

In each podcast a guest reviews blogs, books, events and more.

::e-merg 01.
An interview with
Ryan Bolger, co-author of "The Emerging Churches," about his research, the BolgBlog, the National Pastors' Convention, and an online course.

::e-merg 02. An interview with Aaron Flores from Santa Ana about The Emerging Church in the United States," the Voiz, and Canvas church.

::e-merg 03. An interview with Steve Taylor from Christchurch, New Zealand, about emerging churches in New Zealand, e~mergent kiwi, Brian McLaren's visit, origins of the movement.

::e-merg 04. An interview with Karen Ward from Seattle about the Church of the Apostles, e-bay denominations, a New Monasticism Learning Party, and a goth mass.

::e-merg 05.
An interview with Roger Saner from South Africa about emergent Africa, visits by Brian McLaren and Andrew Jones, and the state of emerging churches in South Africa.

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E-mail: e.merg at
Voice messages: e_merg_podcast at Gizmo.


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