Friday, April 21, 2006

e-merg :: podcast :: 04 :: Karen Ward

Karen Ward from Seattle talks about the Church of the Apostles, a joint Lutheran-Episcopelian venture in the Fremont neighbourhood. They are renovating a former church building into an arts center. Karen explains that the essence of the emerging church is a theological question about how best to represent Jesus within their zip code.
While there probably is no such thing as a typical COTA service, Karen describes a goth mass there. She relates her journey from Lutheran denominational official to emerging church planter.
Church of the Apostles will participate in a New Monasticism Learning Party on April 27, as part of the Church Has Left the Building conference.

Themes: Church of the Apostles, Seattle; the future of mainline denominations.
Guest: Karen Ward.
Blog: Submergence.
Events: New Monasticism Learning Party, the Church Has Left the Building Conference.
Music: Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) from Ordo, available from Theme music from Spirit of the New and Jonnys in the Basement, available from
Read more about the Church of the Apostles here.


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