Tuesday, April 11, 2006

e-merg :: podcast :: 03 :: Steve Taylor, Part Two

Part Two
Steve's one blog contains "postcards" from emerging churches around the
world, including the Philippines and Japan. During Brian McLaren's recent visit to Christchurch, Steve interviewed Grace McLaren about her take on the emerging church in New Zealand. Steve reviews three movies in relation to the emerging church, and summarizes his blog about 1 Peter as a feminist tractate.

Theme: emerging churches in New Zealand.

Guest: Steve Taylor.
Book: "The Out of Bounds Church."
Blog: Emergent Kiwi.
Event: Brian McLaren's visit to Christchurch.
Community: Opawa Baptist Church.
Music: Revive's "Saver," available from networkleeds.com. Theme music from Spirit of the New, Jonnys in the Basement, available from proost.co.uk.


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