Sunday, March 26, 2006

e-merg :: podcast :: 02 :: Aaron Flores ::

Welcome to e-merg, a global conversation on the future church that is emerging now.
Our theme is the emerging church in the United States. I am joined by Aaron Flores, who recently published his Master's thesis, "An Exploration of the Emerging Church in the United States," on the internet.
Aaron speaks about his research on 200 emerging churches. At his blog, the Voiz, he uses videocasts to look back at his faith journey via pentecostal and Catholic routes. He talks about how Canvas church relates to Orange County, California. The Southern California Cohort that Aaron co-directs recently hosted Ryan Bolger, who compared emerging churches in the United States and Britain. We briefly discuss the relevance of "network" as a feature of emerging churches, using a diagram from Steve Collins' blog, Small Ritual.
Aaron recommends the book "The Great Giveaway" (2006) by David E. Fitch.


Theme: emerging churches in the United States.
Guest: Aaron Flores.
Book: "An Exploration of the Emerging Church in the United States."
Blog: The Voiz.
Event: SoCal Cohort's meeting with Ryan Bolger.
Community: Canvas Evangelical Covenant Church, Santa Ana, California.
Music:Fractal Edge's "Here I am," theme music from Spirit of the New, Jonnys in the Basement, available from

Thursday, March 23, 2006

e-merg :: podcast :: 01 :: Ryan Bolger ::

Welcome to the first podcast of e-merg, a review of blogs, books, and more about the global emerging church.
The theme for this podcast is the question, "what is the emerging church?" I interview Ryan Bolger, co-author of "The Emerging Churches," about the research that Eddie Gibbs and he conducted. Ryan talks about the common features of emerging churches in the United States and Britain, the origin of the global movement, and his course on emerging churches at Fuller Seminary.
Podcast Summary
Guest: Ryan Bolger.

Books: Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger, "The Emerging Churches."
Events: San Diego National Pastors' Convention.
Blogs: The BolgBlog.

Music: "Mary's Baby," by Spirit of the New; "Justice," by Jonnys in the Basement. Songs available from :: proost ::